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  • CO2 blasting reduces or completely eliminates use of chemical and dangerous cleaning agents (and exposure to employees).
  • CO2 cleaning is an accepted cleaning method and approved by major government administrations.
  • In food production, CO2 blasting has been documented to effectively decontaminate surfaces of E. coli, Listeria and Salmonella.
  • CO2 blasting does not generate secondary waste.
  • CO2 blasting is safe and non-toxic.
  • CO2 blasting does not release harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Environmentally safe:

CO2 cleaning is environmentally friendly and a safe cleaning method for numerous industrial applications.

CO2 is a natural element of the earth comprising about 0.03 % of our atmosphere. The CO2 used for cleaning is collected and recycled from various sources – natural, biological or chemical processes (refineries, ethylene production, fertilizers) where they are already a part of the carbon-cycle.

So using snow blasting means utilizing CO2 that would normally have been discharged into the atmosphere.

Cleaning CO2 provides environmental benefits by minimizing or eliminating chemical or solvent cleaners. Since the process does not use water we are conserving these resources. Using CO2 in situ on hot moulds, the companies are saving energy on reheating these.

CO2 cleaning is not creating secondary waste and thereby not adding to the downstream waste disposal.

Existing cleaning methods can be toxic.

  • Using solid grit media or water for cleaning hazardous materials, the cleaning media also becomes hazardous requiring special handling disposal.
  • Chemical and solvent cleaning methods are toxic, which creates toxic waste requiring disposal.
  • Sand, soda or water blasting can create downstream contamination that effects the surrounding installations.
  • Soda blasting can kill surrounding vegetation.

It is better for the people, for the environment and is generating substantial savings for the company – which other product gives you this kind of added value of your investment.

Dry ice blasting - cleaning technology of the future

Cleaning with dry ice has been used for several years. More commonly used are dry ice in pellet form or blocks using a shaving technology. Both technologies are subject to high investment costs and high running costs. These factors have so far been the obstacles for establishing themselves as a general cleaning process in the industries.

PolarTech´s patented technology is the solution to the problems above.

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