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Plastic & Rubber Industry

Cutting mould cleaning time by 75 % or more...

Cleaning the mould cavities to obtain high quality standards is a major problem for plastic part manufacturers. Build-up of surface residues from mould release agents, the product mix or the label process creates different problems such as product release (“knock out”), bad product quality and potential damage to tools.

Another challenge for the producers are flash on the products left on mould halves and that has to be removed for product quality. The traditional way of cleaning and de-flashing means involving tedious and ineffective manual processes using hand tools and possibly chemicals.

PolarTech dry ice cleaning technology provides plastics & rubber manufacturers with a non-abrasive and environmentally friendly method for cleaning their moulds. By implementing PolarTech systems allows increased cycles between preventive maintenance.

Faster cleaning of hot moulds in-situ means increased production time and improved product quality. Manufacturers using precision and blow moulds with complex geometry and deep cavities reports increase in production from 20 – 55 % and up to 75 % reduction in cleaning time after implementing cryo cleaning and thereby giving a short ROI.


  • Injection Moulds.
  • Blow moulds.
  • Extrusion moulds.
  • Tilt back press.
  • Tyre moulds.
  • Lift press.
  • Thermoform moulds.
  • Urethane moulds.
  • Compression moulds.
  • Plate out.
  • De-flashing and finishing surface / partingline vents.
  • Gloss leveling (finishing).

Customer Benefits

  • No dismantling (cleaning in-situ).
  • Better and faster cleaning.
  • Reduce cleaning time and labor costs.
  • Improve product quality.
  • Reduce rejects.
  • Non-abrasive (no damage or wear and tear to tools / equipment).
  • No chemicals / solvents / water.
  • Reduce downtime.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning.
  • No secondary waste.

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Dry ice blasting - cleaning technology of the future

Cleaning with dry ice has been used for several years. More commonly used are dry ice in pellet form or blocks using a shaving technology. Both technologies are subject to high investment costs and high running costs. These factors have so far been the obstacles for establishing themselves as a general cleaning process in the industries.

PolarTech´s patented technology is the solution to the problems above.

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